Canada Broadband Ranking

Akamai connectivity report (June 2017) pages 12 and 24 shows the US ranking 10th worldwide and Canada 20th compared on average download speeds:


Comparing the cost of a 25Mb/s,  Canada is in the top 5 countries of most expensive broadband (OECD June 2017)

(OECD Fixed Broadband basket, High user, including 200 GB / month, 25 Mbps and above, June 2017) 

The CRTC publishes a report written by Nordcity telecom consulting  which corroborates the findings of the OECD:

  • Fixed Broadband Internet: In the Fixed Broadband Internet category, Canada ranked third highest in pricing in the Level 1 and Level 3 service baskets, fourth in the Level 2 service basket and second in the Level 4 and Level 5 service baskets.

The Globe and Mail has published an article based on the Nordcity/CRTC report which can be found here